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The Parable of the Wounded Dog

Ray Comfort: I don’t believe in evolution! Convert me!

Heckler: All right. If you look at monkeys, and then you look at you for instance, and see a bit of a resemblance, right?

Ray Comfort: No! I’m offended! That hurt!

Heckler: Well-

Ray Comfort: You have insulted monkeys! If you need an operation and you need skin, what are they going to give you? Pig skin! Cause that’s what matches humans. Closest we can get. What convinced you evolution was a fact?

Heckler: I’m not convinced it is a fact. I believe that it’s true.

Ray Comfort: You’re not supposed to say that! You’re an evolutionist.

Heckler: You’re right.

Ray Comfort: You broke the rules!

Heckler: No, I have-

Ray Comfort: That means you’ve got faith! That brings in the thought of God and faith and all that stuff and morality.

Heckler: I know it is a fact!

Ray Comfort: You know it’s fact-

Heckler: Because I’ve read it in my biology textbook.

Ray Comfort: You’ve backslid for a minute, didn’t you? Now you’ve got faith in the theory of evolution.

Heckler: Yes.

Ray Comfort: Do you believe in God’s existence?

Heckler: No. Not so much.

Ray Comfort: So you think nothing created everything also? That’s a scientific impossibility.

Heckler: Well, no. Not necessarily.

Ray Comfort: So something created everything?

Heckler: I’m not sure. I was just-

Ray Comfort: No, no. Don’t do the “dumb” thing on me. “I don’t know.” C’mon! Something must have created everything. It’s not nothing that created everything. It’s got to be something.

Heckler: How about everything came from a singularity? Can we go with that?

Ray Comfort: Where did that come from?

Heckler: It’s a singularity. It’s just there.

Ray Comfort: What are you talking about a singularity? What is that? Describe a singularity for me, someone who’s not married?

Heckler: It doesn’t have any place where it came from. That’s where time began also. Time began in there.

Ray Comfort: Who started it?

Heckler: It didn’t. That’s the beginning of time.

Ray Comfort: So there was a singularity?

Heckler: Yeah. Beginning of time.

Ray Comfort: Where did that come from?

Heckler: I think there’s nothing before. Cause there’s-

Ray Comfort: So where did it come from? A singularity?

Heckler: Yeah, that was at the beginning.

Ray Comfort: Who put it there?

Heckler: No one put it there. It’s just there.

“You’re committing intellectual suicide to hold onto your atheism because you love your sin.”

Ray Comfort: It’s just there? Like some fairy tale? Magic? It was just, poof. It was there? You’re committing intellectual suicide to hold onto your atheism because you love your sin. At the moment, the Bible says you’re like a blind man. Your mind is blinded. But when God gives you light you’ll see all things clearly.

It happened to me. It’s happened to many people in this crowd. So do what the Bible says. Hand over your sins. Trust in Jesus Christ. Confess those sins. Say, “God, I sinned against you. I’m a rebel. I need your forgiveness.” And He’ll forgive you ‘cause He’s rich in mercy. Does that make sense?

Heckler: All right. I’ll think it over.

Ray Comfort: Please think it over.

Ray Comfort: There’s some water for you. Do you have faith?

Stranger: Yes.

Ray Comfort: Good. Cause you drank water from a stranger. So, that’s faith.

Emeal (“E.Z.”) Zwayne: Some of you are thinking now, “What are you doing? This is ridiculous, why are you doing this?” Yesterday I was sitting down at a table sharing this with a man, and he said, “Why do you do this?” And I told him why. I want to give you this illustration.

The story is told of a man who was one day driving through town, when suddenly, he saw a wounded dog on the side of the road. Moved with compassion, he pulled over and picked it up, brought it in his car, took it home, and began to nurse it back to health. He bandaged its wounds. He began feeding it, giving it affection, attention, and a lot of love. One day after the dog had made a full recovery, the man was walking through the house carrying it in his arms. All of a sudden, it jumped down, scampered out the door, and disappeared.

“We ourselves were once blind. We were lost. We were literally on the brink of death and Hell, and God reached down, rescued us, saved us, and healed us.”

The man stood there dumbfounded. Thinking to himself, “I saved that dog from the brink of death. I brought it into my home. I fed it. I nurtured it. I gave it love and affection and attention. And it just scampers off and disappears. What an ungrateful little creature.” Until the next day, when he heard a scratching at his door, only to open it and find that same dog standing there with another wounded dog right beside him.

That’s how it is with the Christian and his compassion for the lost. We ourselves were once blind. We were lost. We were literally on the brink of death and Hell, and God reached down, rescued us, saved us, and healed us. Our passion in life now is to tell other lost sinners where they can find healing from the Great Physician.

Friends, the reason why we’re telling you this is because we’ve been touched by the Master. We’ve been healed by Jesus Christ. We’ve experienced His love and His forgiveness and His mercy. We’re not here to condemn you. We’re here to tell you where you can be forgiven. Where you can be healed. Where you can be saved.

Emeal (“E.Z.”) Zwayne

Emeal (“E.Z.”) Zwayne is the President of Living Waters, the official spokesman for the National Bible Bee organization, and a cohost of the National Bible Bee Gameshow. He serves as the Executive Producer of the "Way of the Master" television program and all Living Waters films. A dynamic communicator, he speaks at conferences and churches nationally and around the world. E.Z. served as an associate pastor for several years. He and his wife, Rachel, have five children.

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