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Ep. 19 – False Conversion

Nobody likes talking about the reality that there are false converts in our midst; but the Bible does, so we must too. Listen to the guys talk about the rarely discussed reality that our churches...

Ep. 18 – Our Heavenly Hope

How does our hope in Heaven impact the way we live today? The guys talk about living life with Heaven in sight. E.Z. opens up about his mom passing away, Mark quotes C.S. Lewis, Oscar...

Ep. 17 – Made in God’s Image

When you understand what it means to be made in the image of God, it changes nearly everything. In this episode, the guys talk about the implications of being an Image Bearer, which includes abortion,...

Ep. 17 – Good Works and the Gospel

So often our salvation and our sanctification are confused with one another. We are saved by grace alone, but we are also called to “do good works.” In this episode, the guys discuss the important...

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