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When you download “7 Reasons” you will also receive:

  1. An animated motion-graphic, teaching you how to memorize (in four minutes) the first ten weeks of growth of a baby in the womb.
  2. A downloadable 24-page booklet called, 7 Reasons to Choose Abortion, by Ray Comfort.

All for $19.99.

By downloading on March 15, you will help us to continue to produce films of this caliber.

Thank you so much for your kind support.

Note: Both the film and animation will be freely released on YouTube on Mother’s Day weekend, May 9th, 2019.



To find God’s forgiveness and everlasting life:
TOLL FREE: 1-800-437-1893

Pregnancy Phone Line

For guidance or help regarding a pregnancy:
Option Line
TOLL FREE: 1-877-791-5475



For information about adopting a child:
Bethany Christian Services
TOLL FREE: 1-800-BETHANY (1-800-238-4269)

Pregnancy Center Locator

Pregnancy Center Locator

They offer a free pregnancy test, decision counseling, info about your options, and often a free ultrasound and other helpful resources.
Find a Pregnancy Center

Biblical Counseling

Biblical Counseling

Certified counselors who use the Bible as their final authority.
Biblical Counseling Map

Church Locator

Church Locator

Among many other great church options, you can visit 9Marks, Calvary Chapel, or Southern Baptist websites to find a great church in your area.

“180” DVDs

Over 1-million copies of the “180” DVD have been distributed, and it’s had over 5 million views on YouTube. Souls and babies have been saved through this profound pro-life, gospel-centered short film. To make it practical for giveaway, DVDs are available for as low as $1 each in bulk.

Training Course

The 180 Course will teach you how to help not only save the lives of the unborn, but save lives for eternity. The powerful two-part DVD will challenge, equip, and motivate you. It includes a 64-page Study Guide which can be used as either a personal or group study. Includes teaching by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron.


Few topics of our day are as crucial as the issue of life itself, and few hot-button issues as sensitive as abortion. In this powerful little eBook you will find:

  • Gentle answers to pro-abortion arguments
  • What medical science and God’s Word say about life in the womb
  • Compelling testimonies of women impacted by abortion
  • A thorough gospel presentation

Get this free 64-page PDF eBooklet by signing up for our free e-newsletter. Read and share it to change hearts and minds about the issue of abortion—and about the Lord.

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