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Hope for Your Loved Ones

As they wheeled my dad through the operating room doors, I broke down crying. I knew he wasn’t saved. He was in his late 90s and I had spent most of my life sharing the gospel with him. As a little kid, I left gospel tracts in his shoes in the morning. As he got ready for work, I would hide around the corner and watch, as my dad would throw the tracts in the trash.

As I got older, I would talk to him about Jesus. I would try to convince him that Jesus would give him a better life. I would tell him that I wanted him in Heaven with me. He would say things like, “I’ve got a great life,” and “I’m a good enough person.” He didn’t think he needed Jesus. It wasn’t always easy to talk to my dad about God. He was my best friend and a hero to me and I never wanted to offend him or put our relationship on the line. But I was desperate. He was my dad and he was going to Hell.

By God’s grace my dad made it out of surgery alive…but I knew he didn’t have long. I started looking for other ways to share the gospel with him…that is when I came across “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” by Ray Comfort. I had never heard the gospel presented in such a way! I listened to every sermon of Ray’s I could get my hands on. I finally sat down to write a letter to my dad based off Ray’s teachings. I went through the law and the gospel just as Ray and the Bible teach. I folded up the letter, put it in an envelope, and handed it to my dad…who was on his deathbed.

I went home not sure what to think. My wife, a prayer warrior, never gave up hope. She would encourage me when I was discouraged. Finally, the phone rang…it was my dad. He wanted me to come to the hospital so that he could talk to me about something. As I sat next to him at his deathbed, he said, “I want Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, and all the powers of Heaven, and God to forgive me. I declare this in the presence of you, my wonderful son, Dean.”

I told Dad, “That’s all I ever wanted to hear!” — Dean Crenshaw

Charles Crenshaw, Dean’s dad, passed away shortly after. By God’s grace and Dean’s faithful witness, he is now spending eternity with our Lord and Savior. Dean went on to complete the Living Waters Ambassadors’ Academy and now leads a team in street evangelism at a subway station in Los Angeles. He took over his dad’s piano business and uses the warehouse to store Living Waters tracts and videos.

Thank you for your past support. Partners like you make testimonies like Dean’s possible.

“When you consider the direction our culture is heading, you will see there is an ever-growing need to proclaim the gospel…with fewer and fewer people doing exactly that.”

While Dean’s story is something to celebrate, there is still so much work to be done. When you consider the direction our culture is heading, you will see there is an ever-growing need to proclaim the gospel…with fewer and fewer people doing exactly that. Your support makes a difference.

We humbly ask you to consider supporting Living Waters with a gift. It is your support that helps enable us to equip the saints to reach the lost. Will you partner with us today? Together, we can make a difference for eternity.

Until all the nets are full,

P.S. Your partnership makes a big difference in equipping and encouraging the saints to live out the Great Commission.

Ray Comfort

Ray Comfort is the Founder and CEO of Living Waters and the bestselling author of more than 80 books, including God Has a Wonderful Plan for Your Life, How to Know God Exists, and The Evidence Bible. He cohosts the award-winning television program “Way of the Master,” seen in almost 200 countries, and is the Executive Producer of “180,” “Evolution vs. God,” “Audacity,” and other films. He is married to Sue and has three grown children, and hasn’t left the house without gospel tracts for decades.

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