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Does Christianity Cause Wars?

Some skeptics say Christianity has caused more wars than anything else in history. They paint a picture of Christians as the most murderous group of people, and somehow this objection is supposed to discredit the claims of Christ and debunk the Bible in one single jab.

Now I certainly agree that man has used “religion” for political gain. But then again, sinful man has used everything under the sun for political gain. Just because a politician or a military leader uses the name of God to further his agenda, does not mean God approves.

In John 16, Jesus tells us that there will be some who will murder in the name of God. He says, “The hour is coming when whoever kills you will think he is offering service to God.” John 16 goes on to say, “They will do these things because they have not known the Father, nor Me.”

These are not true Christians. The Bible explains that hypocrites and deceivers will always be in and around the Christian church until God punishes them on the Day of Judgment. Jesus told His followers to love their enemies. So if a man puts a knife into someone’s back in the name of Christianity, something obviously isn’t right. Let’s not forget that the Bible tells us all murderers, including those who have had murderous thoughts in their hearts, will not make it to Heaven. Following the teachings of the Bible will not lead you to start a war.

In fact, it’s the Bible that teaches us to be at peace with all men.

If you use any of the above text, please give attribution to:

“Way of the Master” TV

This segment is taken from the “Way of the Master” TV show, Episode: Vienna.

Mark Spence

Mark Spence is the Vice President of Outreach at Living Waters and the Dean of the online School of Biblical Evangelism, with over 18,000 students enrolled since its inception. A popular speaker at conferences and universities, he also cohosts season five of the television program “Way of the Master,” engaging skeptics and equipping Christians in evangelism and apologetics. A former assistant pastor, Mark is the Producer and Editor of several Living Waters films, and he and his wife, Laura, homeschool their five children.

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