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Living Waters exists to inspire and equip Christians to fulfill the Great Commission. We seek to train the members of Christ’s Body in the principles of biblical evangelism and to provide them with practical tools to proclaim the gospel. Learn More →

Resources by Living Waters

September 11th & God

Angela Braxton was on the 80th floor of one of the Twin Towers when the first plane hit. In this brief video she shares of her terrifying escape from the crumbling building, and how on the anniversary of the 9/11 attack God brought a woman into her life who pointed her to Christ. Angela’s story will encourage you in your faith and the need to share it with others.

The Evidence Bible

This apologetics Bible will enrich your trust in God and give you powerful and compelling evidence, not only for the existence of God, but for the inspiration of Holy Scripture. Commentary by Ray Comfort.

What Time Is Purple?

Sometimes what sounds like nonsense makes perfect sense—once you have the right information. As unbelievers consider the most important questions on life’s journey, this booklet will point them to what “truth” is.

NEW Spanish Millions!

After many years, our muy popular Spanish Million Dollar Bill has gotten a complete overhaul. The art, color, and gospel presentation have all been dramatically upgraded to make it more appealing and more effective than ever!

What Is Repentance?

What does repentance mean? Is it necessary for salvation or a response to saving faith? Repentance is often used more in the proclamation of the gospel to unbelievers, but what role does it play in the life of a Christian? These are some of the questions we will be answering in “What Is Repentance?”

Download Season 5 Episodes

In addition to Season Five of Way of the Master being available on TV, on demand, and streaming platforms around the world (click here for a full broadcast listing), each Monday we will also make the week’s new episode available as a paid download in our store.

Undeniable Evidence

Even though the Bible wasn't written as a scientific book, it contains amazing scientific facts that were penned thousands of years before man discovered them-facts regarding the earth being round, its free float in space, laws of quarantine, the existence of the dinosaur, and many others.

Join the Academy…in Europe!

Registration has closed for our Ambassadors’ Academy in LA (with the largest attendance in our history), but, that doesn’t mean you can’t still attend an Academy. There is still one left in 2019…and…it’s at a castle!

Find Locals to Reach Out With

We’ve created Facebook Groups to help you connect locally to reach out and share the gospel together, fellowship, host a joint outreach or training effort, share about a great “fishing hole,” invite others to a local outreach event, etc.

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Living Waters exists to inspire and equip Christians to fulfill the Great Commission.

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