The Way of the Master

The Way of the Master

The Way of the Master

Season 4: Mission Europe

  •   London
  •   Brussels
  •   Luxembourg
  •   Amsterdam
  •   Paris
  •   Monaco
  •   Milan
  •   Zurich
  •   Munich
  •   Prague
  •   Vienna
  •   Budapest
 •   Timisoara

Season 3

  •   Battle for the Lost
  •   Where Has the Passion Gone?
  •   Joe Average
  •   Caught in a Lie
  •   Divine Butler
  •   Why Christianity?
  •   Jehovah's Witness
  •   Mormonism
  •   Are you a Genius?
  •   Last Words of the Rich and Famous
  •   How to Find God's Will
  •   What Scares You?
  •   Hollywood Be Thy Name

Season 2

  •   God's Wonderful Plan
  •   Conscience
  •   Alcatraz, Al Capone & Alcohol
  •   True & False Conversion
  •   When Things Go Wrong
  •   The Satanic Influence
  •   How to Witness to Someone Who's Gay
  •   Evolution
  •   How to Witness to a Loved One
  •   The Fear of God
  •   Ice-Breakers - Tracts
  •   The Greatest Gamble
  •   How to Get on Fire for God

Season 1

  •   The Firefighter
  •   The Mirror of the Ten Commandments
  •   The Motive of the Sinner
  •   The Summary of Salvation
  •   Practice What You Preach
  •   Idolatry - The Darling Sin of Humanity
  •   The Beauty of a Broken Spirit -- Atheism
  •   WDJD?
  •   Blasphemy, Sabbath & Parents
  •   Murder
  •   Adultery
  •   Theft
  •   Lie & Covet

The Way of the Master Television Series is a contemporary, cutting edge program hosted by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron. Each 30-minute episode deals with topics ranging from biblical instruction regarding evangelism to highlighting the differences between the Christian worldview and that of other religions. This engaging format is used as a platform to instruct Christians on how to share and defend their faith by including interviews of well known biblical teachers and scholars, as well as actual "on-the-street" interviews and encounters with the general public. Each broadcast season consists of 13 half-hour episodes. To date, four seasons have been produced and are regularly broadcast on global station networks such as the Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN). The series is broadcast on 53 networks in 115 countries. Estimated viewership claimed by the different networks is in the millions. Season 4 is currently in airing.

Here is a taste of The Way of the Master - Season 4...

Commendations from Christian Leaders

Ravi Zacharias "Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort present a timely and gripping series giving passion to the Church and feet to the Gospel. This is truly a 'Wake Up Call' to every Christian to come to terms with his or her mission in this world. This is very well done and wonderfully captures both the classic approach and the contemporary draw to the Reality shows…[it] maintains the integrity of the message while capturing the relevance of the application." 

Ravi Zacharias

John MacArthur "Thanks to Kirk and Ray for seeking to motivate believers to fulfill the Great Commission, and for staying true to the biblical message of repentance from sin and forgiveness in Christ."

John MacArthur

David Jeremiah "The Way of the Master is a fresh new television program that grabs your attention from the opening scene and sustains it throughout the entire program. The interviews with people on the street are a vivid revelation of the terrible need people have for the Christ of the Gospel. I was encouraged and motivated, and you will be too."

David Jeremiah