Evolution Vs. God

Hear expert testimony from leading evolutionary scientists at some of the world's top universities:

Peter Nonacs, Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UCLA
Craig Stanford, Professor, Biological Sciences and Anthropology, USC
PZ Myers, Associate Professor, Biology, University of Minnesota Morris
Gail E. Kennedy, Associate Professor, Anthropology, UCLA

Watch as they present their most compelling evidence for Darwinian evolution. Their answers will amaze you!





Evolution Vs. God Giveaway

Evolution Vs. God Giveaway

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Watch “Evolution Vs. God”

“Evolution Vs. God” was produced by Living Waters


"Evolution vs. God will rock the creation and evolution world!" 

Ken Ham

Answers in Genesis

"Exciting and revealing." 

Dr. Henry M. Morris III

CEO, Institute for Creation Research, Dallas, Texas

"Fascinating. Highly revealing. You will be amazed at what the experts themselves have to say!" 

Dr. Jason Lisle


"Ray Comfort's ability to insightfully shred the vain reasoning's of men is a gift, and this film is a tour de force exposure of the emptiness of humanism." 

Dr. James White

Alpha & Omega Ministries

"Absolutely excellent." 

Paul Taylor

Creation Today

"Wow! Engaging." 

Dr. Frank Turek


"Revealing, thought-provoking, and challenging." 

Dr. Norm Geisler

"Enlightening as well as entertaining-because it forces evolutionists to exercise a mental muscle that they apparently haven't used in a while." 

Eric Hovind

President Creation Today

"Not since 'Expelled' has anything been done that is as important as this." 

Carl D. Kerby

President, Reasons for Hope

"Wow! Very encouraging to see a tactical and practical method to expose the lies which permeate our culture." 

Jayson Payne

Museum Curator, Creation & Earth History Museum

"Excellent. Superbly done." 

Phil Johnson


"Fascinating and eye-opening. Every student and every parent should watch it!" 

Randy Alcorn

Eternal Perspective Ministries


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