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“What Time Is Purple?” Q&A

What Time Is Purple?” is a profound and compelling 46-page booklet that answers some of life’s biggest questions—such as if God exists, if there is a purpose and meaning to life, the nature of truth—and presents a thorough gospel message. You can read it freely online. Right now we’re giving away copies of this book completely free for use in outreach giveaways (learn more).

We met up with the author, Tom Hammond, to ask a few questions.

Oscar Navarro: First, what’s with the name?

Tom Hammond: It’s intended to be an attention grabber, but it also plays off a question a lot of people ask regarding the “probability” of God existing. The idea of probabilities isn’t relevant to the question of God’s existence. He either exists or He doesn’t. The goal of the question “What time is purple?” is to point out this absurdity, and to demonstrate how oftentimes atheists are asking the wrong questions.

Oscar: There are so many great tracts and booklets out there. How is this one different?

Tom: “What Time Is Purple?” attempts to bridge the gap between making a sound argument for God’s existence and what we have to do with the knowledge of His existence. There are some really great apologetic resources out there that win a lot of arguments, but don’t really attempt to win many souls. “Purple” endeavors to accomplish both.

Oscar: In the booklet you ask, “Is there any meaning to life?” Today, many young adults would answer that question by saying, “I don’t know, and I don’t really care.” How do you combat what seems to be a lethargic interest in these types of questions?

Tom: Actually, if atheism is true (which many people just assume that it is), then not really caring about things like the meaning of life is a perfectly legitimate position. However, if the rationality of God’s existence can be firmly established (and it can), then the hope is that this knowledge will bring people to the understanding that what we do with our lives does in fact matter, that it does have eternal consequences, and that true meaning can be found.

Oscar: Who is this booklet written for?

Tom: The booklet is written for anyone who has become convinced the atheistic worldview makes sense and can be rationally defended. I think this is especially true for the millennial generation, so people falling in this age bracket are very much a primary target. I’d also like to think that “What Time Is Purple?” can help bolster the faith of believers who sometimes question the rational validity of the Christian worldview, regardless of their age.

Oscar: I noticed you used your own version of the “good person” test in your book. How much has Ray Comfort influenced your evangelism?

Tom: Ray has had such an impact on so many people’s evangelical model it’s difficult to quantify. A lot of Christians have been trained to believe any mention of God’s wrath against any and all unrighteousness somehow diminishes the attractiveness of the gospel, and having their eyes opened to the fact it’s the exact opposite is so necessary. Ray’s courage in standing firm on this evangelical approach has been an example for all of us, and I thank God for equipping him for the task.

Oscar: What are you hoping God does with “What Time Is Purple?”

Tom: We want to see people come to Christ in repentance and faith for the forgiveness of their sins, but we also want people to understand the rationality of the Christian worldview, as well as the irrationality of all others. Whether it be to open the eyes of unbelievers, or strengthen the faith of believers, any way God sees fit to further His Kingdom or bring glory to Himself with “What Time Is Purple?” is more than enough for me!

We’re teaming up with our friends at Wretched to get “What Time Is Purple?” to masses of people all over the US. We will joyfully send you up to 50 copies free of charge (you just pay the shipping), or when you commit to a case of 244 booklets or more for a mass giveaway, the shipping will be fully covered!

Tom Hammond lives in Tennessee with his wife of thirty years, Missy. They have two children and two grandchildren. He served on the board of Wretched Radio and loves eating gravy!

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