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The Top Ten Reasons Black Friday Shoppers LOVE Getting Tracts

  1. It gives them inspiration to work on their origami skills.
  2. When you’ve been freezing for 9 hours to get a good deal on a Keurig any distraction is a good distraction.
  3. When giving out Smartphone tracts, the lack of sleep and late night delirium make some think you’re their fairy godmother preparing them for the ball.
  4. They think they’re getting a Doorbuster.
  5. The highlights of their Best Buy camp-out is counting how many times line-roomies mentioned they needed another Triple Mocha Frappuccino, and laughing at our 101 of the World’s Funniest One Liners.
  6. People on long lines don’t throw away tracts; they read them (they have absolutely nothing else to do).
  7. Everyone smiles with delight as you give them DVDs of “The Atheist Delusion”—thinking that’s one less thing they have to buy for Uncle Fred (it’s a little but known fact that half of all Christmas gits are re-gifted).
  8. In the freezing winter, everyone outside cherishes tracts—if their car won’t start they can be used for kindling wood.
  9. Shouts of “Six movies you can watch free on your phone with this card,” is greeted like Chicago residents finding out the Cubs just won the World Series.
  10. Walking up the long lines helps you start burning the 45,000 calories in turkey you just ingested.

The real reason we hand out gospel tracts any time of year is because we love the lost and desperately want them to know how they can be saved. Black Friday is a once a year opportunity to give out hundreds of tracts in minutes. Why not pray about starting a new family tradition and head out to your local department store and reach many with the gospel? Black Friday is just three weeks away, but there is still time to prepare. If you don’t already have tracts; we have a wide variety you can pick from.

Allen Atzbi

Allen Atzbi is the General Manager at Living Waters as well as the Director of the Ambassadors’ Academy. He holds a Master of Theology degree from International Seminary and served as a youth pastor for a decade. Allen has trained churches in evangelism and led weekly street witnessing teams for years. He has written four books. His parents are both Jewish: one from Israel and one from the other holy land, Brooklyn.

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