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Ray Comfort Was in the Hospital

Ray Comfort recently had a kidney stone, which is known to be one of the most excruciatingly painful experiences you can possibly undergo. God was still at work while he was in the hospital yesterday.


Kidney Stone Update (6/19/19)

I’m lying in a hospital bed hooked up to strange machines, listening to unfamiliar sounds, and thinking about the last week. I visited the ER five times in three days (one trip was in an ambulance). So far I’ve had two operations, with another two coming up.

There are two sets of surgeons. One is in charge of “plumbing,” and the other is stone removal. There have been complications, and it may take an angel to roll it away.

Meanwhile, I’m getting great opportunities to share the gospel. Brett (the paramedic in the ambulance) was very open, and there have been other incidents in the hospital. One was with the man who wheeled me to the theater for the first operation. It’s quite a long ride so it gives time to witness. After we talked, I thanked him for listening and added that he had to give me that courtesy, because they may have been my last words. Sobering, but true.

I’ve been giving out many of our new YouTube promotional cards. They’re easy to give out, and almost everybody says that they will check out the channel.

Thank you all so much for your past (and continued) prayers and your kind well-wishes. Very grateful.

Ray Comfort

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