The School of Biblical Evangelism

The School of Biblical Evangelism

What you will receive...

Online Features:

• 101 Online Lessons
• over 45 Audio Lessons
• 50 Cartoon Kids Lessons
• a student community forum

Bonus Materials:

• The Way of the Master (book)
• Out of the Comfort Zone (book)
• Hell's Best Kept Secret (cd)
• True and False Conversion (cd)

Graduation Rewards:

• Bonded Leather Evidence Bible
• A Quality Graduation Certificate

Sample Lessons:

Try a couple of sample lessons below.

The Forgotten Key to Biblical Evangelism

Lesson 1

Judgment Day

Lesson 22

Scientific Facts in the Bible

Lesson 61

The School of Biblical Evangelism (SoBE) is an online Bible School, dedicated to training men and women to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The school was established in 2001 by Living Waters. Through 101 online lessons, including audios, articles, and videos, students are challenged to have a biblical worldview. Each lesson is designed to equip the students to defend the historic Christian faith. The course takes approximately six months to complete. Total students since inception = 14,000 enrolled/completed.

How would you like to be able to make an atheist backslide - in two minutes?

Or learn to use the incredible yet forgotten biblical principle of bypassing the intellect and speaking directly to a sinner's conscience, as Jesus did?

That means you will never again be intimidated by professing "intellectuals."

"Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort have created a biblically sound course that will not only motivate Christians; it will equip them to fulfill the Great Commission."

Josh McDowell

"Awesome...This course should be required in every theological seminary."

Spencer S. Hanley

"As a graduate of EE and every other evangelism course I can find, yours by far has been the best."

Bill Lawson

Join more than 14,000 students from around the world who have gone through the school...

from Norway, England, Iceland, Israel, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Argentina, Pakistan, China, Australia, Holland, South Korea, Africa, Greece, Malaysia, France, Singapore and the United States.

Study at your own pace. If you miss some time, just pick up where you left off. Each lesson takes about 20-40 minutes (depending on how in-depth you study it). The course may be started at any time as each lesson goes by number rather than by date. We are available to answer your questions during the course via e-mail, and many questions can be answered through interaction with other students on the forum and chat room.

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