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ONE MILLION Gospel of John Giveaway!

Giving out a MILLION copies of The Gospel of John is arguably the most exciting giveaway we’ve ever attempted, and we need your help to make it happen!

Our nation is at a crossroads. Evil is being called good and good being called evil. The level of deception has never been greater. These are dark times indeed, and never before have so many needed the light of the gospel. The Million Dollar Gospel of John packages the gospel in a way that will get the attention of the lost—and offers something far more valuable than a mere million dollars.

Weeks after I received a sample copy of The Million Dollar Gospel of John from the printer, I couldn’t stop picking it up. It was like an optical illusion that never gets old; your eyes can’t process it. That’s why I think this unique format of John’s Gospel will be picked up and read by those who normally wouldn’t darken the doors of a church.

Our last giveaway was a tremendous success. Partners like you gave away 250,000 Counting the Days / Solving the God Puzzle combo books. These books reached nearly every part of the United States!

This time, it’s going to be bigger and better. Bigger because we want to give away ONE MILLION copies of our Million Dollar Gospel of John. And better because it is the pure Word of God. This small book contains the entire Gospel of John, a gospel proclamation, and 14 pages on “The Uniqueness of Jesus.”

Our goal is to make a million copies of the Gospel of John free to anybody who wants to canvas their neighborhood with the gospel. Christians in the United States will be empowered to literally blanket their town with God’s Word. They don’t even have to pay for shipping! (Registration for getting the books to distribute will open up once the fundraiser is completed)

To reach the goal of giving away ONE MILLION COPIES, it will take $500,000. That’s just 50¢ per book! We need your help to make this possible. There are three ways to partner with us.

  1. PRAY. First, pray that God will provide the necessary funds for this massive giveaway.
  2. SHARE. Then, share this with your church and friends on social media. The more people who hear about it, the more books we will be able to get out.
  3. SUPPORT. And lastly, will you partner with us today? We can’t do this without our faithful partners. You can help get a million copies of the Gospel of John into the hands of families around the country. That’s not a million people, but a million households.

One million families with God’s Word in their homes. God promises that His Word will not return void. Just imagine the work God will do through your faithfulness. Will you help us get His Word into the hands of a million families? God bless you, and thanks a million!

All funds given over our goal will be added to the general fund.


All gifts and donations to Living Waters go in our general ministry fund.

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