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I had an abortion when I was in college

This story was so very hard for me to watch, because, even though I am a totally devoted follower of Jesus Christ, I had an abortion when I was in college; I am 52 now. Back then I KNEW it was wrong and I knew God did not want me to do that, but I was selfish; I was only thinking about myself – how a baby would turn my world upside down, and I didn’t want to shame my family. Oh, if I could only do things over again – I would have a 29 year old boy or girl. When my two children were born I kept thinking, I COULD have held a precious baby and felt the joy I do now. Life begins at inception. I am an pro-life advocate. I have been through christian counseling. About 15 years ago our preacher talked about abortion and had a lady from one of the local clinics as a speaker. She brought a plastic, 9 week old fetus, the same age my child was when I aborted him/her. It was like I had posttraumatic stress syndrome. All the shame and guilt I felt over the years came spilling out in the form of tears and begging for God’s forgiveness. This is BY far THE best pro-life endorsement I have seen.

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