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FREE January Soul-Winning Calendar Download

As you look forward to entering 2019, a new year always brings heartfelt resolutions, a spike in gym memberships, and the fresh smell of a new page of life. This year among all the things you’re considering revamping, why not take a look at your spiritual life. Are you reaching the lost with the fervor and consistency you know you ought to be? If not, instead of just shrugging off your guilt, make a change. Why not renew your vow to love your neighbor as yourself?

It’s been said that if you do anything for a month it becomes a new habit. The difficult becomes natural. Why not create a “holy habit” this year? For the month of January, share gospel tracts each day. It will help you to forge the daily discipline of sharing the gospel, which can lead to a massive number of people hearing about Christ over your lifetime. To help, we’ve made a special January calendar. Place it somewhere prominent where it will be an ongoing reminder to keep your evangelistic fire stoked throughout the next 31 days.

Many years ago I was convicted about being inconsistent in sharing the gospel, so I decided to take the leap and commit to sharing the gospel every day for a year. I’d do it whether I felt like it or not; after all, it wasn’t about me, it was about the lost. Astoundingly, I actually did it. At the end of the year, I decided to keep it going. I kept sharing the gospel verbally or in chat rooms every day for a decade. I did the math, and I was able to reach in the ballpark of 100,000 people over that decade (not to mention the many since, or those reached through tracts)—all because of a simple New Year’s resolution to be better and love more.

Just focus on sharing a tract today, and then when tomorrow rolls round, commit to doing it again tomorrow. Don’t worry about the future, just focus on sharing the gospel today. Before you know it, it’s second nature and you’ve touched countless lives.

It’s our prayer that this calendar will not only change your life, but the lives of so many who desperately need to hear the good news.

Allen Atzbi

Allen Atzbi is the General Manager at Living Waters as well as the Director of the Ambassadors’ Academy. He holds a Master of Theology degree from International Seminary and served as a youth pastor for a decade. Allen has trained churches in evangelism and led weekly street witnessing teams for years. He has written four books. His parents are both Jewish: one from Israel and one from the other holy land, Brooklyn.

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