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Transformed in Four Hours or Less


Upon arriving, I noticed that the sanctuary was a cozy size that allowed for intimacy between speaker and attendee, but large enough to seat well over a thousand people. Everyone was excited to see and hear directly from the likes of Kirk Cameron, Ray Comfort, Todd Friel, and Emeal (E.Z.) Zwayne. Though often referred to as challenging, I noticed in my conversations with attendees that the four hour event left people with a new vigor toward evangelism and the study of the Word.

While I have been actively sharing my faith for over a decade, still, I was encouraged, exhorted, and even rebuked during this conference! Each individual speaker has their own style of admonition and encouragement – almost like taking four different types of vitamins – each for different aspects of nourishment.

Individuals testify that Transformed is a life-changing experience through which God literally changes the landscape of their churches forever. One conference attendee said, "I’m a member of a small church and God has used this one day conference as a means to change the lives of our members completely. People are sharing the gospel with the lost like never before."

This type of testimony is not unique. Transformed…’s exactly what the name implies. It's a conference that is most necessary for the modern church in America. While truth becomes more and more of an enigma, Transformed is a conference that stands on the unchanging truths of scripture; truths which have been overlooked in the church for the past century. There is no doubt; Transformed does not simply leave its attendees yearning for the next conference or ministry fad. No, it leaves the attendee face to face with truth….old truth that scripture affirms, even demands. No slippery truth here. To obey, or not to obey….that must be the question in the mind of each person who leaves this conference.

Some of the most basic aspects of being a Christian often wane over time; enthusiasm over the gospel and the desire to witness, bible reading, and prayer. The value of such aspects of our walk with God is priceless. Ironically, many people, including myself, felt a refreshing "reload" toward these aspects of our walk, and the messages delivered in Beaumont left me, and those I spoke with, ready to dive into the Word, and share the gospel with the lost. I challenge you to attend Transformed the next time the conference is in your town - you’ll never be the same again!

Standing behind the scenes as a ministry worker of Living Waters, I noticed, amidst the fold out tables of tracks and evangelism books, many conversations regarding the lack of proper evangelism strategy and methods available in the local churches of the attendees. However, amidst those conversations is an air of discovery – a discovery of that which is rooted in the Word of God. Some people even expressed to me a type of shock toward the message – shocked that it is so biblical, yet so unspoken in today's church. Simply put, Transformed promotes biblical truth, correctly applied. And when attendees leave equipped with biblical truth, they have the tools to go out and reach the lost, in a way that is effective.

As one pastor said so clearly after the conference, "There was a point during the conference, when the light bulbs went on in the minds of the attendees. Scanning across the audience, heads began to nod. Notes were being furiously scribbled down. It was as if people began to see salvation as not just some event in life, but as something that glorifies God…and it places man in his proper place….in awe and wonder of such a marvelous God who saves sinners. That is when the tears began to roll. People wept, and it was a moment, at least for me, that was priceless. Seeing people 'get it'."

Over looking the beautiful sanctuary, and the large gathering of believers, it hit me that rarely do Christians today get to meet so many like-minded brothers and sisters in the faith. The For-God's-Glory networking possibilities are great – what better way to meet someone to witness with? Afraid to evangelize alone? Problem solved!!!

Here's what Matt Johnson, Pastor of Bethel Baptist Church, Americus, GA has to say about the value of Transformed: "Transformed is a conference that every Christian should attend. For the pastor/elder who finds himself zealous for evangelism, but finds his congregation less than enthusiastic, this conference may do more in four hours than even the most zealous pastor can do in four years."

If you or your church is interested in bringing Transformed to your local area, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and write Transformed Conference in the subject line.