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Celebrity Millions Take Off


Living Waters Publications has sold more than 20 million "Million Dollar Bills." The unique gospel tract received national publicity when 8,000 of them were seized by the Secret Service in Texas and charged as being counterfeit.

It has also been in the news a number times when different people have been arrested for trying to cash the bills.

TV co-host Ray Comfort (with Kirk Cameron), who originated the idea of the tract ten years ago, recently decided to combine A-list celebrities with the millions and “they have taken off like hot cakes on a cold day in Alaska.”

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Award-winning TV Program to Help Ministries Spiritually and Financially

season3.jpgDue to current economic conditions, many Christian ministries are hurting financially, that’s why the producers of an awarding-winning TV program are packaging their third season in a way to help ministries generate funds.

Actor, Kirk Cameron and best-selling author Ray Comfort, who co-host “The Way of the Master,” believe that the first thing the Church must do is rediscover the reason for its existence--to reach the lost with the good news of the gospel. According to the late Bill Bright, “a bare 2 percent regularly share their faith in Christ.” Comfort and Cameron have produced the third season of their television program because they want to change that statistic. They believe that every Christian should be horrified at the thought of friends and loved ones going to Hell, that they should want to reach them, and they want to assist them to do that...

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