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Calvin Klein's 'Racy' Five-Story Billboard

RayComfort.jpg Designer Calvin Klein has placed what is being called a "racy" new advertisement on a huge five-story-high billboard on a Manhattan building in New York City. It shows half- naked teenagers lying on top of each other in sexually explicit positions. (Read what Ray has to say about this continuing action of Calvin Klein and other advertisers...)

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Ray Challenges Vatican

Best-selling Christian author says the Vatican is believing Charles Darwin over Jesus in accepting evolution.

Posted: February 15, 2009, 10:24 pm Eastern, WorldNetDaily.

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New Breed of Atheists Bad for America

thumb_newbreed.jpg“Atheist: someone who believes that nothing made everything.” That’s the message best-selling author Ray Comfort is pushing through a series of billboards across the country. He has done this to coincide with the Feb 12th, the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin. At the same time he has published a new book called, You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence But You Can’t Make Him Think (World Net Daily) to combat what he calls the fallacy of evolution, and expose what he believes is the hidden core belief of an atheist.

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Celebrity Millions Stimulus Package Exceeds National Debt

More than 20 million million dollar bills have been given away in recent years in the form of a unique gospel tract. That’s a total of 20 trillion dollars--twice the national debt. The unique gospel tract received national publicity when 8,000 were seized by the Secret Service in Texas in 2006, where there is a on-going court case. It has also been in the news when two different people were arrested for trying to cash the bills. Ray Comfort, the tract’s creator, said, "Since the day the Secret Service had a seizure, sales have exploded. The case is ridiculous. They are not counterfeit, because there's no such thing as a million dollar bill.

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Transformed in Four Hours or Less

Image January 17, 2009, Fellowship in the Pass Church – A couple weeks ago, I attended the Transformed Conference in Beaumont, California, and it was a blast! The Living Waters conference is a life changing experience that gets you fired up for preaching the biblical gospel to the lost the way Jesus did.

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