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Celebrity Millions Take Off

Living Waters Publications has sold more than 20 million "Million Dollar Bills." The unique gospel tract received national publicity when 8,000 of them were seized by the Secret Service in Texas and charged as being counterfeit.

It has also been in the news a number times when different people have been arrested for trying to cash the bills.

TV co-host Ray Comfort (with Kirk Cameron), who originated the idea of the tract ten years ago, recently decided to combine A-list celebrities with the millions and “they have taken off like hot cakes on a cold day in Alaska.” The best-selling author said, “We normally experiment with a new title and get a first print of 50,000. But we had a first run of a million with these because we knew people would love them. Each pack of 100 has 20 A-list actors in the set, and when people see that there are different images they run after you and ask for more. They even ask if they are for sale, because the tracts have perceived value and look like a collector’s item.”


Comfort was very careful to check with lawyers as to copyright concerns, and has been assured that he is well within his First Amendment and free speech rights.

He added, “As with everyone at the present time, we are concerned about the economy, so we cut our prices in half so that Christians could afford to get these tracts and give them away. Now, more than ever before, we need to share the gospel with this dying world, and this is one effective way to do it.” The entire set of twenty A-list celebrities can be seen on

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