Paul and Missy's Story

It Was Our Proudest Moment As Parents.

We are so grateful for all the letters we receive every month from people who are willing to share how Living Waters has impacted their lives and those they touch. What a joy it is to share stories about the impact your partnership is having for Christ now.

Paul and Missy are an amazing example of how Living Waters, with your partnership, is changing lives and making a difference for eternity. Although they only learned of Living Waters a few short months ago, Missy says, "Living Waters has changed our lives. Prior to Living Waters we had trouble with day-to-day evangelism. Now, after devouring the material from Living Waters, we approach strangers everywhere we go - we feel so empowered to speak."

Paul and Missy have four young children, two of which are adopted from Ethiopia. When Missy is out with all four children, people routinely approach her and tell her she is a good person. Since learning of Living Waters, Missy responds by transitioning from their compliment to the "Good Person Test." She and Paul frequent public playgrounds as often as possible with all four children and a diaper bag full of tracts!

Their newfound zeal for the lost is getting noticed. Recently, some well-meaning friends told Missy she will grow out of this stage and move into a state of normalcy soon. Maybe you can relate? But her compassion for the lost is growing. Missy said, "I have had many missions in my life that I intended to be for Jesus Christ… orphan care, poverty, helping those with substance and alcohol abuse, but this is the mission that has given me a solid sense of purpose.

All other missions can be brought under this one - always sharing the gospel no matter how we serve." And it's impacting their children as well. Missy shared this moving story with us. "Last week, our five-year old daughter was at the
playground and gathering an audience by asking people their names and then saying 'Do you know the Lord?' After doing so, she presented a clear Gospel message to all of them - just exactly as she's heard her parents do so often. It was our proudest moment as parents. I thank Living Waters for this and for the daily encouragement offered through 'On the Box' - it reminds me where my strength and courage comes from."

There is no limit to the number of people who need to be reached with the true, biblical message of salvation. And while the need for inspiring and equipping Christians to fulfill the Great Commission does not diminish during the summer months, the financial support we receive usually does. We would very much appreciate it if you would take the time to pray about supporting Living Waters at this critical time and help us sustain all we do this summer. Support from partners like you make our outreaches like the Way of the Master TV program, On the Box, films like "180'" and Genius and most importantly, stories like Paul and Missy's possible. Please prayerfully consider how you might help us increase our reach for His glory.

I thank God for all of you who are such a vital part of our ministry. If you are led to partner with us, please visit to make a gift online. Not until we reach Heaven will we know the full impact of your partnership for His glory.

Until all the nets are full,

Ray Comfort

"YES! I will partner with you today."

P.S. – Paul and Missy are a great example of how Living Waters is inspiring and equipping Christians to fulfill the Great Commission. To learn more about them, their beautiful family and the amazing work God has done in their lives, please visit their blog at: