Stories From the Front - Beaumont Transformed


Good Evening Ray & Kirk,

I just wanted to say "Thank You" to both of you for the amazing experience from the Transformed Conference last Saturday. I was so blessed to have been a part of this conference. I have been a believer, saved by the Grace of the Lord going on three years now.

I came to know the Lord through a trial I was going through. I was about 5mos. pregnant with my son and I was told my son had an intestinal obstruction. This was so new too me, it was scary of not knowing what would happen to my son. When he was finally born he was rushed to the OR, he has undergone 6 operations from birth to repair his small intestines.

Through it all the Lord was faithful, and through this trial I became closer to the Lord. It was no longer wanting to fit into a religion, it was wanting to have a true relationship with the Lord that changed me.My son is now 2 and a half years old and through his trials, through those two beautiful little eyes I see the Lord. Every day that I wake up is a blessing to me, and I have the desire to share with others.

Though I have to admit, before the conference I was  very nervous to just go up to people and start sharing. However, through the conference I realized that I was just making excuses; too scared of rejection. But I put that all behind me as soon as I left the conference doors.

Your conference gave me the confidence to go out and share with others. The Holy Spirit has moved in me and I'm on Fire for the Lord. As soon as I left the Conference I had the honor to share with a gentlemen, and I actually stopped two kids on skateboards as I was driving to share the word with them this is truly a praise report !!!!.

The words' were just flowing and my heart was overflowing with glee. I have never felt this fire inside me, it's great. I know that I may not be able to share with everyone, but my goal is to plant those seed and to share with those who will allow me to.

I feel so beautiful inside, I pray that this fire inside of me keeps going and going. Please keep me in prayer, My greatest hope is that my three small children will Love the Lord as much as I do.

It was a blessing to have met you both, thank you for sharing, thank you for motivating me even more to want to share with others.

God Bless you both and your families.

We praise God for the transforming work He is doing through each of you.  Until the whole world hears. -- Living Waters